Luento aiheesta Murder and its perpetrator in Polish penitentiary system

Turun yliopisto ja Åbo Akademi järjestävät luennon aiheesta ’Murder and its perpetrator in Polish penitentiary system’ tiistaina 25.4. klo 14.15 Turun yliopistossa. Oikeus- ja yhteiskuntatieteellinen yhdistys on mukana yhteistyössä.


University of Turku Faculty of Law and Åbo Akademi organize in collaboration a public lecture of Andrzej Rzeplinski, professor at Warsaw University and President of the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland from 2010-2016, on the subject Murder and its perpetrator in Polish penitentiary system.

Schedule: on Tuesday 25th of April, at 14:15

Venue: University of Turku, DataCity Lecture Hall (DC2101), Lemminkäisenkatu 14–18 A, 2. floor, Turku

Costs: participation is free, no registration required.

The lecture will introduce the polish penitentiary policy and will present the preliminary findings of the research project, the aim of which is to analyses the practice of the life sentence penalty re-introduced in 1995. This unique study analyses all cases of final conviction for life sentence between 1996-2011 (299 cases) and looks inter alia at the criminal careers of perpetrators, the content and the language of the convicting sentences, the role of judges, experts, police and lawyers involved in the criminal proceedings, the execution of the life sentence penalty by the Polish penitentiary system and the role of media.

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